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Zarco 66

Customers Energized About Energy Drinks

Convenience Store Decisions interviewed Scott Zaremba, owner of Zarco USA, about the energy drink market and the demand by consumers.


“At Zarco USA Earth Friendly Fuels, which operates eight stores in Kansas, energy drinks continue to battle each other for their share of the cooler space, but Scott Zaremba, president of Zarco USA agreed that the customers tend to gravitate toward top brands.


“We’re still seeing the staples of Monster and Red Bull. In the Midwest they are our top sellers and tend to dictate shelf space by their consumer demand,” Zaremba said. “There are a lot of new energy drinks coming onto the market, but we’re not stocking very many in our cooler sets. We’re not seeing a big jump from anybody else just yet to warrant a change in coolers sets, so we’re sticking to the higher volume brands.”


Smaller sized Zarco USA stores offer one full door of energy drinks, while the larger stores offer 2-3 full doors of energy drinks.”


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