Zarco 66

Zarco 66

Fuel of the Future

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Fifteen hundred locations dispense E-85 fuel in the U.S.

Zarco USA is an eco-friendly gas station selling ethanol and bio diesel fuels.

Scott Zaremba owns the station and says the green business’s success is a sign of the times.

“Renewable fuels are something we’ve had around for a long time, but with the price of crude oil moving up in the past three years it was something I thought was a viable option,” said Zaremba.

A timely business move all customers appreciate.

A ten percent ethanol blend works in vehicles of all makes and models.

“I have a 1992 Buick L’sabre,” said customer Paul Marks.

“You have to save a penny every place you can,” said Shirley Harrell, customer.

“Until gas prices drop off, that’s going to be the name of the game,” said Marks.

The blended fuel is cheaper.

“Bio-diesel also burns cleaner and puts off less emissions,” said Zaremba.

The one of a kind machines give the consumer a choice between two and 99 percent bio-diesel, and when you make a selection it’s blended right on the spot.

“Anyone who can use it, it would be much less expensive,” said Harrell.

And for those weary of change. the blends have such a wide range so people can ease themselves into using the new fuel.

“You can start with a low blend learn about it, and move up,” said Zaremba.

“The price is the same, but it’s also about the environment with the recycling bins out here, it’s a one stop shop,” said Marks.

“So we think now’s the time for people to come in and learn about what we have to offer,” said Zaremba.

The station plans on opening a “green” coffee shop behind the pumps. It will feature a “living roof,” a wind turbine, and a rain garden.


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