Zarco 66

Zarco 66

KC Star Op Ed from Zarco 66 Owner, Scott Zaremba

E15 ethanol blend adds another fuel option for drivers


Since its founding, America has long believed that its citizens should be free to make very basic choices for themselves. Americans can choose to practice any religion they like, or to not practice any at all. They can choose to vote for one candidate over another, or for no candidate at all. Americans are also free to make the most basic of choices — chocolate or vanilla — or not.


Yet when it comes to how we fuel our vehicles and our economy, that choice has largely been taken from us. Oil-derived fuels dominate the marketplace. Oil-based gasoline monopolizes 90 percent of the nation’s fuel market today.


Just because this is the way it has always been is not a reason to accept it as the only way to do it….


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